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About the Event

The event offered a programme rich in variety and perspectives with the issue of declining students’ interest in mathematics and science illuminated not only from the perspective of research and teacher education but also from the perspective of the European Commission but also from a national – in this case the German – perspective. In addition to these contributions two short and interesting films gave insight into the project, its merits, challenges and the value of international cooperation as well as providing a view of classrooms in which inquiry-based learning was explored.

You will find the movies on our PRIMAS youtube channel.

In summary, the meeting recognized three important factors necessary to support the European objectives towards 2020 of bridging the gap between education and work:

  • Improving students’ dispositions towards mathematics and science by continued support for dissemination of inquiry-based   pedagogies so that teachers might better motivate student learning
  • Continuing collaboration between researches and stakeholders across Europe
  • Support for actions beyond the lifetime of projects, such as PRIMAS, to sustain and develop further the innovations they introduce.

To learn more about the programme of the event, please click here.
A brief report of the meeting including pictures can be downloaded here.