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Towards Europe 2020

Primas-Event on 27/06/2011: ‘Towards Europe 2020:

Inquiring minds - innovative pedagogies in mathematics and science education’

In Europe still too many students have little interest in mathematics and science and thus do not choose to follow related careers. Consequently, the needs of Europe’s labour market may not be met – a weak point in our progress to a highly competitive European Union.

Implementing innovative ways of teaching such as inquiry based learning in science and mathematics education is a key lever in bringing about change in this situation by raising students’ motivation and interest in these subjects.

On 27th June policy makers met together with mathematics and science educators to discuss an issue with importance across Europe: how implementation of innovative methods of teaching mathematics and science can be disseminated, implemented and sustained.

The event offered a programme rich in variety and perspectives.  More than 100 participants including researchers, teacher educators and regional, national and European policy makers attended the conference.